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            "The Accept Pregnancy Center has helped me in many ways. I especially enjoy the Thursday night class because it offers good advice for the women as well as the children and the fathers. The class has helped me to see just how important God is in my life. I want to thank the center for having such a positive affect on me and my children’s’ lives."


            "The Accept Pregnancy Center has meant so much to me because in my time of need they were there. The parenting classes have helped me with my little girl and have encouraged me to take advantage of new opportunities that could improve my life. I am so grateful for APC because they were there when no one else was."


            "The Accept Pregnancy Center has been a great resource for me. They try to help in any way they can, and do their best to provide services to women in trouble.  People feel like they should always be able to turn to their families when they are hurting, but many times this is not true. When I was pregnant turning to my family was not an option. I feel so blessed to have found the Accept Pregnancy Center.  They stepped up and helped me when no one else on earth seemed to care."


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